Month One Update

Hello all! I’ve decided that I’ll be doing a monthly update on my time in Spain and my work work as a North American Language and Culture Assistant. To begin, I’ll be updating you on my first month here (mid-September to mid-October). After that first month update, I’ll switch to a calendar-based


The Pros and Cons of Working a 9 to 5 Before Teaching Abroad

If you’ve read any number of blogs, Facebook group posts, or forums, you realize that many people teach abroad straight out of college. Some view it as a gap year(s) before moving into the “real world,” while others see it as an extended study abroad adventure. Quite frankly, some millennials are facing


Logroño Through Photos

Well, I’m officially coming up on one month in Logroño and couldn’t be loving it any more. I live in a great apartment, met great people from around the world, and am surrounded by both the physical and natural beauty that is Logroño and La Rioja. So far, my [first] year abroad


A Tour of Bodegas Franco Españolas

La Rioja, Spain is first and foremost known for their wine. The region as a whole is one of the top wine producers in Spain and has some of the best wine in not only Spain but the entire world. If you ask anyone from here what La Rioja is known for,


My Spanish Piso

Well, now that I’ve filled you all in on my arrival in Spain, my first week in Spain, and the San Mateo wine harvest festival that followed, I figure it’s time to discuss my living situation. When doing the auxiliar de conversación program in Spain, you have to find your own housing compared to


San Mateo Festival in Logroño

If you’ve been following me on any Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at all over the last week, you’ll know that the entire city of Logroño was celebrating the festival of San Mateo. And yes, the festival did last entire week for those who were wondering! For some background, San Mateo (Saint Matthew)


My Top 5 Favorite Cities in Spain So Far

Admittedly, I have not traveled everywhere in Spain. I lived in southern Spain about 5 years ago but now call northern Spain home. Throughout my travels through this varied country, I’ve discovered numerous cities that I enjoy, but there are some that stick out as being above the rest. The wonderful thing


My First Week in Spain

Well as I wrote, I have arrived in Spain, exactly one week ago. It’s been a hectic, relaxing, and confusing week filled with introductions, exploring, emotional swings, and a week-long wine festival, San Mateo, which I will get to in a later post.  Moving to Spain to teach English was a huge


Leaving for and Arriving in Spain

After putting my shoes back on post-security and waving goodbye to my Mom and her boyfriend one last time, I began the long walk down to gate K19 at O’Hare airport. A flood of emotions came upon me. This is going to be a truly awesome adventure!  What was I doing?  Man,


COMO Consulting: Moving to Spain eBook Giveaway!

There are many words that come to mind when thinking about preparing to move to Spain for a year: hectic, excited, chaotic, nostalgic. However, if there’s one that perfectly describes how I’ve felt over the last month, and especially the last week, it’s overwhelmed. While overall I’m incredibly excited to begin this once-in-a-lifetime